me personally?
Mostly just read this: aboot
and now i suffer from this:

About this place( i HATE the werd blahhh***)
Started as a secret venting journal in 1999- i was quitting smoking and secretly hated on everyone…So i wrote about how much i hated all my friends.Not too smart.
then it got more dramatic and somewhat scandulous… because my friends and family found it-

and a few got mad about it.

so i stopped

**Then i said fuck it and started again. **

Sometime ago, i just stopped writing. i average about 2 new entries a year.

I make and fix  websites for artists. I help people fix their personal technology problems- sync stream backup.

If you want to  hire me- please contact me


i live in Los Angeles -i am canadian– B.C.( to be xact.
**so this being said- please read without lame-ness. and email me if i upset you. i’ll apologize. i always do.-

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  1. Shannon

    Yeah, this sounds alot like me, lol. Thanks for keeping it strong for those like me that just want to give up sometimes. It helps.

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