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Having not had my car available the last few weeks, i have found that old familiar teen angst feling of being trapped .. not in big doses but definitely more prevalent than its been since…say highschool.. and i began to  wonder why.. [..]


Sitting in the dark, in a house high above the town, birds eye viewof the h-wood sign..on a borrowed laptop- minutes before my bday( welll not minuytes.. but practically)..and I am not sad not mad not scared..just contemplating things…not the place im sitting at or the machine im writing on…not even the huge sign …but thesethings ..theseThings i find inside my head that have collected , semingly surreptitiously..moments conversations..reactions. all weird flashes. its like im n drugs BUT IM NOT.
hmmm. this is the song kindof comes to mind
well…except for the part about when they sing to the other person : the YOU-part-who are you ..or where ?.
ok now i sound not sad but a bit pathetic. but think of this more as an existential post. really, im just mew-sing.


wise and thoughtful advice from A List Apart..( especially for those of us who admin such sites aka ‘forums’)

Coaching a Community: “A key to running successful ‘social networking sites’ is …



dear topspinmedia :
you rule-and im sorry for my hasty angst at implenting your Interstitials –
But see it’s only because you were so new..and as it turns out cool- to this old as2 brain.
I needed the push into jquery and it looks as though not only did i get to learn (!?) new stuff via your pills.. BUT i also got excited again- about the internet and music and possibilties..Looks like ole Travis has been right about you all along-
ps: music ppl please take note:


@buddyhead im about to start watching my present : thnk you




@DToX how do i do that ?(by ‘that’ i meant the blocking of commercialtwitters, not the security guard activities….)


Stalking a lurker


bronsonbar : 1 third of the lurkers plus the dr and new bff missy- awesome

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