my christmas

xmas2007 If i were to detail the last two weeks.. or better yet add the last month’s details.. to a post..You wouldnt believe me. Really. I have had the best weirdest craziest strangest most miraculous month of my life.


vegas: hotel room with bowling alley; amazing concerts; amazing meals ( super amazing)-
mini car accident; lost wallet/found wallet/ person who found wallet trying to GIVE me money.

staying in friends town for xmas- ending up spenfding time with most favorite people EVER. going to Vail. missing numerous flights.

losing luggage.finding luggage. losing again.

riding in a van for 3 hours with teething one year old (and 9 other adults )through brutal snow storm.

meeting future potential love of life. wow.

running into DR in VAil(?) having AWESOME converstaions with a few of my parents oldest friends about , among other things:

ufo’s , religion, free masons, 2012 and a mutitude of unbelievable other topics.

losing luggage again. finding luggage again.

and oooh soo much more..

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  1. moi

    sounds like good times!

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